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Januar 2016

Key Points on Non-State Medical Education in Germany | Position Paper

April 2015

Recommendations on Academic Integrity | Position Paper
Grand Societal Challenges as a Topic
for Science Policy | Position Paper

March 2015

Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany: Strategic EU investment fund must strengthen Europe’s research and innovation capability on a global scale  more

October 2014

Excellence Initiative Institutions Call for Swift Decision on Future Development | Meeting in Bad Honnef

July 2014

Recommendations on the development of medical education in Germany based on a review of model medical degree programmes | Executive Summary

Oktober 2013

Prospects of Legal Scholarship in Germany | Current Situation, Analyses, Recommendations   more

July 2013

“Future pact” for the scientific system. German Council of Science and Humanities calls for joint effort to ensure a long-term perspective for science  more

April 2013

New procedure for the evaluation of "Big Science projects" | The German Council of Science and Humanities prepared the investment decisions of the BMBF for a first roadmap for research infrastructures  more

July 2012

Recommendations on higher education qualifications for the healthcare system | Executive Summary
Publications of the Alliance of Science Organizations in Germany  more
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