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Funding from November 2019

In July 2019, ten universities and one university consortium were selected for permanent funding in the Universities of Excellence funding line. A list of the funded universities and the university consortium can be foundhere.

In accordance with the administrative agreement, the funded institutions will be reviewed externally every seven years. Specifically, an assessment will be carried out as to whether the eligibility requirements for joint funding continue to be met. The review will be organised by the Council and assessed by the expert panel. The review results will be submitted to the Excellence Commission.

If the eligibility requirements are met, the funding will be continued. In order for this to happen, at least two or, in the case of the Excellence Consortium, three clusters of excellence as well as a positive evaluation of the University of Excellence or the Excellence Consortium are required.

The review procedure is based on the review guidelines adopted by the expert panel. These guidelines are addressed both to the Universities of Excellence to be reviewed and theExcellence Consortium as well as to the reviewers of the respective individual evaluations. The guidelines provide information regarding procedures and principles as well as the evaluation categories. They also contain comprehensive information on the preparation of the self-reports that are to be submitted by the Universities of Excellence and the Excellence Consortium as part of the review procedure.

If the review result is negative, the federal government and the home state of the institution will decide on the modalities for the withdrawal from the University of Excellence or the Excellence Consortium. In the event of a withdrawal, the university or university consortium receives degressive phase-out funding from the federal government and the home state, limited to a maximum of three years.

If funded institutions withdraw or if funds become available elsewhere within the scope of the Universities of Excellence funding line, the Excellence Commission decides on a call for new proposals. For the second funding round with funding beginning in 2026, a call for four new proposals is issued.If, after the initial review carried out in accordance with Article 6(1) and (2) of the Administrative Agreement, fewer than four funding cases are withdrawn from permanent joint funding, additional funds will be made available for funding the new cases. The call for new proposals is organised by the Council.

Frequently asked questions will be added over time on the funding of the Universities of Excellence and the Excellence Consortium, on the reviewing and submitting of new proposals as well as on the second round of calls for proposals in the Universities of Excellence funding line (FAQ, as of 8th March 2021 / German version only).

Data protection information can be found here (German version only).