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Programme History

On 19 July 2019, the Excellence Commission responsible for the decision selected ten universities and one university network from 19 applications for permanent funding from 1 November 2019. A list of the universities funded in the funding line Excellence Universities and the university network can be found here.

On 11th December 2014, the Federal Chancellor and the Prime Ministers of the states (Länder) adopted a decision of principle on the succession to the Excellence Initiative after 2017:
GWK Basic Decision on the Succession to the Excellence Initiative, 2014
(German version only).

On 29th January 2016, the report of the International Expert Commission for the Evaluation of the Excellence Initiative was published (the “Imboden Commission”, German version only).

In the context of the public expert talk on the “Further Development of the Excellence Initiative” scheduled for 17th February 2016 in the Bundestag Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment, the Chairman of the German Council of Science and Humanities, Prof. Dr. Manfred Prenzel, issued a position statement.

On 22nd April 2016, the GWK published a press release on the new federal/state agreement on the succession to the Excellence Initiative.

On 16th June 2016, the Federal Chancellor and the Prime Ministers of the States (Länder) adopted theAdministrative Agreement persuant to Article 91b, Paragraph 1 of the German Basic Law (Grundgesetz) the New Federal / States Initiative - "Excellence Strategy” - Promoting top-level research universities(German version only).

In a joint press release from 17th June 2016, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation, DFG) and the Wissenschaftsrat (German Science and Humanities Council, WR) welcomed the agreement reached on the new federal/state initiative.

On 11th July 2016, the WR published a programme announcement for the launch of the “Excellence Strategy”.

On 28th September 2016, the WR and the DFG published a joint press release on the call for proposals for both the Universities of Excellence and Clusters of Excellence funding lines.

The joint press release of the German Research Foundation and the German Council of Science and Humanities on the second meeting of the Committee of experts of 7th April 2017 is available here.

On 27th September 2018, the Committee of Experts consisting of international scientists and the Excellence Commission consisting of federal and state science ministers selected a total of 57 Clusters of Excellence from 88 funding proposals for further funding. A list containing the titles and universities where the selected Clusters of Excellence are located, as well as all further information on the decisions, can be found on the DFG website.

On 19th July 2019, the Excellence Commission, which is responsible for the decision-making, selected ten universities and one university consortium for long-term funding from 1st November 2019 from 19 proposals. A list of the universities funded and the university consortium fundet through the Excellence Initiative can be found here.