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July 2017

Next generation of research infrastructures evaluated | German Council of Science and Humanities completes science-driven evaluation for the second time

April 2017

Germany´s Excellence Strategy | Finalising the Next Steps

November 2016

Annual Plenary Meeting of the European Advisory Councils for Science, Research and Innovation Policy in Cologne

September 2016

Germany’s Excellence Strategy | WR and DFG Issue Calls for Proposals for Universities of Excellence and Clusters
of Excellence

August 2016

Alliance of Scientific Organisations
in Germany denounces drastic internventions in the academic freedom
of Turkish researchers

January 2016

Key Points on Non-State Medical Education in Germany | Position Paper

April 2015

Recommendations on Academic Integrity | Position Paper
Grand Societal Challenges as a Topic
for Science Policy | Position Paper

March 2015

Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany: Strategic EU investment fund must strengthen Europe’s research and innovation capability on a global scale  more

October 2014

Excellence Initiative Institutions Call for Swift Decision on Future Development | Meeting in Bad Honnef

July 2014

Recommendations on the development of medical education in Germany based on a review of model medical degree programmes | Executive Summary

Oktober 2013

Prospects of Legal Scholarship in Germany | Current Situation, Analyses, Recommendations   more

July 2013

“Future pact” for the scientific system. German Council of Science and Humanities calls for joint effort to ensure a long-term perspective for science  more

April 2013

New procedure for the evaluation of "Big Science projects" | The German Council of Science and Humanities prepared the investment decisions of the BMBF for a first roadmap for research infrastructures  more

July 2012

Recommendations on higher education qualifications for the healthcare system | Executive Summary
Publications of the Alliance of Science Organizations in Germany  more
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