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July 2018

Recommendations on the Internationalisation of Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences

April 2018

Alliance of Science Organisations welcomes European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)

February 2018

The Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany sees open access to digital sequence information at risks

Oktober 2017

Peer Review in Higher Education and Research | Position Paper

July 2017

Next generation of research infrastructures evaluated | German Council of Science and Humanities completes science-driven evaluation for the second time
Report on the Science-driven Evaluation of Large-scale Research Infrastructure Projects for Inclusion in a National Roadmap

April 2017

Germany´s Excellence Strategy | Finalising the Next Steps

January 2016

Key Points on Non-State Medical Education in Germany | Position Paper

April 2015

Recommendations on Academic Integrity | Position Paper
Grand Societal Challenges as a Topic
for Science Policy | Position Paper
Publications of the Alliance of Science Organizations in Germany  more
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