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Former Chairs of the German Science
and Humanities Council (Wissenschaftsrat, WR)  

Professor Dr Dorothea Wagner
Professor of Computer Science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
2020 bis 2023

Professor Dr Martina Brockmeier
Professor of International Agricultural Trade and World Food Economics
Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Hohenheim
2017 to 2020

Professor Dr Manfred Prenzel
Professor of Empirical Educational Research Susanne
Klatten Endowed Chair of Empirical Educational Research
at Technical University Munich
2014 to 2017

Professor Dr-Ing Wolfgang Marquardt
Professor of Process Engineering at RWTH Aachen University
2011 to 2014

Professor Dr phil Peter Strohschneider
Professor of German Medieval Studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
2006 to 2011

Professor Dr med Karl Max Einhäupl
Professor of Neurology at the Humboldt University of Berlin
2001 to 2006

Professor Dr phil Winfried Schulze
Professor of Modern History at the University of ­Munich
1998 to 2001

Professor Dr-Ing Dagmar Schipanski
Professor of Solid State Electronics at Ilmenau University of Technology
Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
1996 to 1998

Professor Dr rer nat Karl-Heinz Hoffmann
Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Technical University of Munich
1994 to 1996

Professor Dr rer nat Gerhard Neuweiler
Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy at the ­University of Munich
1993 to 1994

Professor Dr iur Dieter Simon
Executive Director of the Max Planck Institute for ­European Legal History, Frankfurt am Main
Professor of Roman Law and Civil Law at the ­University of Frankfurt am Main
1989 to 1993

Professor Dr med Kurt Kochsiek
Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Würzburg
1987 to 1989

Professor Dr h.c. Heinz Heckhausen
Professor of Psychology at the University of Bochum
1985 to 1987

Professor Dr rer nat Hans-Jürgen Engell
Chief Executive, Director and Scientific Member of the Max Planck Institute for Iron Research GmbH, Düsseldorf
Honorary Professor of Physical Chemistry at the ­University of ­Düsseldorf
Honorary Professor of Metallurgy at the Technical ­University of Clausthal
1982 to 1985

Professor Dr iur Andreas Heldrich
Professor of Civil Law, ­Private International Law­, Comparative Law and European Law at the ­University of ­Munich
1979 to 1982

Professor Dr iur Wilhelm A. Kewenig, LL.M. (­Harvard)
Professor of Public Law at the University of Kiel
1976 to 1979

Professor Dr phil Theodor Heidhues
Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Göttingen
1972 to 1976

Professor Dr rer nat Reimar Lüst
Director of the Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics at the Max Planck Institute for Physics and Astrophysics, Munich Honorary Professor
for Theoretical Physics at the Technical ­University of Munich
1969 to 1972

Professor Dr Ing Hans Leussink
Professor of Soil Mechanics and Rock Mechanics at the Technical University of Karlsruhe
1965 to 1969

Professor Dr iur Ludwig Raiser
Professor of Civil Law, Commercial and ­Business Law at the University of Tübingen
1961 to 1965

Professor Dr iur Dr iur h.c. Dr iur h.c. Helmut Coing
Professor of Roman Law, Civil Law and Philosophy of Law ­at the University of Frankfurt
1958 to 1961