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English publications

Future perspectives for agricultural, food and nutritional sciences | Position paper (Drs. 1189-23_en), April 2023 event Publication Date 24.04.2023 event Science and Society

Despite steadily increasing productivity, agriculture and food systems are not future-proof in their current orientation and exhibit dysfunctionalities. Large parts of the world's population are under-, mal- or overnourished. At the same time, the widespread production methods contribute significantly to climate change and species loss. The German Science and Humanities Council (Wissenschaftsrat / WR) sees the German agricultural, food and nutritional sciences as having a responsibility to play an active role in the necessary transformation processes. This requires a broad reorientation in the scientific fields, aiming at a comprehensive implementation of systemic approaches and a transformative perspective. Read more

Excellence Strategy | Between Competition and Cooperation: Opportunities and Challenges of University Consortia. Report on the International Roundtable, 13 December 2022 (Online) event Publication Date 06.06.2023 event Excellence Strategy

The German Science and Humanities Council took the programmatic innovation of the Excellence Strategy to also fund "University Consortia of Excellence" of up to three universities under the funding line "Universities of Excellence" as an opportunity to invite international experts to a one-day virtual event on 13 December 2022 on questions concerning the functions, goals, opportunities and challenges of university consortia and the funding of excellence. The report summarises the central statements and key findings of the event in an overarching manner. Read more

Recommendations on the Transformation of Academic Publishing: Towards Open Access (9477-22_en), January 2022 event Publication Date 24.01.2022 event Science and Society

The faster and more widely research results are received and discussed, the faster other scientists can build on them. It was not only the COVID-19 pandemic that made it clear that immediate free access to new scientific findings is of great importance for the progress of science and for society. The German Science and Humanities Council therefore advocates that the final versions (version of record) of scientific publications be made freely available immediately, permanently, at the original place of publication and under an open licence (CC BY). Read more

Additional Information

WR supports call by Israeli scientific institutions (2 November 2023)

WR supports call by Israeli scientific institutions worldwide to work for justice, equality and peace.

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