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Chair and Secretary General

Professor Dr Wolfgang Wick | Chair

Wolfgang Wick has been chairman of the German Science and Humanities Council (WR/Wissenschaftsrat) since 1 February 2023. Wick is a professor of neurology and works as a neuro-oncologist at Heidelberg University Hospital. Since 2021, he has been a member of the science policy advisory body of the federal and state governments, and since 2022, he has been chairman of the WR Medicine Committee.

Wolfgang Wick, Vorsitzender des Wissenschaftsrats ab Februar 2023

Wolfgang Wick is Medical Director of the Neurological Clinic at Heidelberg University Hospital, Center Spokesperson of the Head Clinic based there, and Head of Department of Neurooncology at the German Cancer Research Center. Wick's research includes brain tumors, tumor immunology, biomarker development, imaging and stroke care.

 Over the course of his career to date, Wick has received numerous honors, including the German Cancer Prize in 2015 and the Heinrich Pette Prize of the German Society of Neurology (DGN) in 2006 (now the Science Prize of the DGN).

 In 2019, Wick was named to Clarivate Analytics' list of Highly Cited Researchers. The international award names researchers whose publications have been cited most frequently worldwide in their respective fields.

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Ministerial Director Thomas May | Secretary General

Thomas May has been Secretary General of the WR since 1 February 2009. Previously, he was Chancellor of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich from 2003 to 2008, held various management positions at the WR from 1995 to 2003, and previously at the German Research Foundation (DFG).

On the photo you see Thomas May, Secretary General of the German Science and Humanities Council (WR) Thomas May, Secretary General of the German Science and Humanities Council (WR) Source: WR / David Ausserhofer

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