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Medicine and healthcare system

Medicine is the only subject for which the Science and Humanities Council (Wissenschaftsrat, WR) issues separate and regular recommendations and statements on all issues relating to teaching, research and patient care. These deal with all facets of university medicine and also take into account legal and structural issues in this field. Beyond university medicine, the WR is increasingly addressing issues at the interface between the science and healthcare systems.

In both,

the "Perspectives for the further development of the health professions" from 2023 (German version only) and previously in the

Recommendations on higher education qualifications for the healthcare system | Executive Summary (Drs. 2411-12), July 2012 (PDF, 515KB, File does not meet accessibility standards)

the WR advocates for higher university qualifications in healthcare professions. This responds to ongoing developments in the healthcare system. Further information...

In 2022 the WR adopted a position paper on digitisation and data use for health research and care (German version only):
Digitalisierung und Datennutzung für Gesundheitsforschung und Versorgung – Positionen und Empfehlungen (Drs. 9825-22), Juli 2022 (PDF, 819KB, File does not meet accessibility standards)

In his view, a digitised healthcare system not only promises to make life easier for healthcare professionals and patients, but is also an essential prerequisite for data-intensive healthcare research. This, in turn, can bring entirely new and high-quality healthcare options to citizens.

In two recommendations, the Science and Humanities Council in 2016 and 2021 commented on a comprehensive program for the further development of university medicine in the coming years. Find out more...

Other recent topics have included medical studies and non-university research. For example, the further development of the German Centers for Health Research was discussed.

Furthermore, the WR regularly comments on the development of medicine degree programmes in individual states (Länder) most recently in Schleswig-Holstein (2023), North Rhine-Westphalia (2019) and Saxony (2017) .